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TicketingHub offers a simple and customisable 5-step checkout widget for your website.

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Our team has perfected a clean checkout interface to reduce abandoned carts and maximize sales

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After creating your TicketingHub account, you'll be able to create as many checkout widgets as you’d like. Installing them on your website is as simple as inserting an HTML code wherever you want the checkout button to appear.

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Selling in-person? We got you covered

Download our easy-to-use iPhone and iPad app and sell your tickets wherever you are.
Our Point of Sale

Our Point of Sale Solutions

Online Icon

Our cloud-based online point of sale is perfect for back-office telephone and group bookings.

Portable Icon

Our iPhone app is ideal for walking tours, activity providers, bus tour operators and anyone who's always on the go

Fixed Icon

Our iPad app is deal for visitor attractions, museums, galleries and other businesses that have a fixed til setup

TicketingHub connected to Ticket printers

Integrate TicketingHub with your current hardware

Fixed Receipt Printer
Star Micronics TSP650II BTi
Desk-mounted thermal receipt printer, ideal for fixed setup with fast 300mm/s print speed and guillotine cutter.
Cash Drawer
Star Micronics SMD2-1317
A durable steel constructed cash drawer that will only open when registering a cash payment.
Our point of sale solutions can integrate with a selection of sales hardware.
Portable hardware images

Portable hardware? No problem.

Our online tour booking software can easily pair with your pre-existing portable sales hardware.
Portable Receipt Printer

Star Micronics SM-T300i
A rugged, battery powered, lightweight printer that can be attached to an operators belt.

Bluetooth Card Reader

Miura Systems M010
A certified Chip&Pin and NFC/Contactless card reader that can be fixed to a stand or held by hand.

iPhone Card Reader

VeriFone PAYware Mobile e315
A certified Chip&Pin and NFC/Contactless card reader that's provided as an iPhone 5/5S case. It also has an integrated barcode reader.

Printed Manifest Image

Manage your manifest

Efficiently maintain your event roster in one platform

Historical Records Icon
Historical Records

Download any historical manifests to view customer attendance details for legal or to archive.

Team Icon
Team Assignment

Assign guides to specific tours/events and have the manifest automatically emailed to them. 

Reporting and analytics

Key metrics and insights on your business

Sales Performance Icon
Sales Performance

Track sales across your products and cross compare against previous periods to monitor relative growth.

Attendance Trends Icon
Attendance Trends

Pull reports when your customers visit most allowing you to alter your pricing to match the demand and increase revenue.

Export Reports Icon
Export Reports

Easily export detailed financial details as CSV files to upload to your accounting software.

Reporting Dashboard

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